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Hello and Welcome New Friends,

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       We’re all on a very important journey, our life journey. And as we travel this journey, we take many roads, some positive and some negative. With this blog, we can travel together on our positive self-help road and find ways to overcome the painful physical, mental, and/or emotional challenges that invade our life, and learn to replace them with the love, peace, validation, and freedom we long for on our journey.

On a self-help road you take a look at your life everyday. You keep what serves you and learn to release what doesn’t serve you. That takes some inner and outer work. And you’re the only one who can do it. That’s why it’s called self-help. It’s up to you. But you don’t have to do it alone. There’s more help on your journey than you may now realize.

Inner work involves introspection, looking inside at your thoughts and feelings, sorting out what’s in there. You decide what you want to release, what you want to keep, or what you want to create within yourself. Then you use techniques to accomplish positive change. This can be a cleansing experience, and you just might discover how really wonderful you are.

Outer work is finding tools outside yourself to help promote positive change. Sometimes you’ll get “aha” moments from something you see or hear. These could be advice from a trusted friend, a book that reveals enlightenment, talking with someone who’s been there, a new doctor who can help you, etc. Or you might receive comfort from simply sharing your pain with someone who truly hears you and cares.

If you’re a person who follows a spiritual life, that can be your greatest asset. But sometimes pain reduces motivation to practice the very spiritual activities you want to maintain. That’s where love and understanding from others helps keep you on your path. And that’s where a self-help attitude helps you stay in touch with that spiritual essence that shines within you. God speaks, and self-help encourages you to listen.

This road is bumpy at times, and sometimes difficult. But a happy journey is worth it. And like I said, you don’t have do it alone. On this blog, I’ll be writing once each week on all sorts of topics, problems, and challenges. Some of these will come from my own experience, thoughts and feelings, but many will be from your comments, your feedback, your concerns.  So keep those coming.  Let’s travel our self-help road together and help each other.

So remember me, as I’m here for you, to help you through those rough & bumpy patch’s in life.
I wish you a most productive and blessed self-help road to Life Freedom …

Much happiness & Blessings, Marilyn

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