In three words I can sum up everything I have learned about life – it goes on.  Robert Frost

Do you remember times in your life when you experienced events or situations feeling confused about the element of time in the event or situation? Why is it so difficult? Why is it taking so long? And timing itself becomes an enigma: baffling, puzzling, mysterious. Time is something we live with, something we wonder about with questions like how, why, what, where, etc. We question: How did I waste all that time? How can I finish on time? Why did it happen now and not then? What’s the meaning of the time involved in this? Where has all the time gone? etc. Sound familiar?

We don’t understand, but timing is necessary to balance life’s functions. Have you thought of its role in your health, relationships, finances, work, every issue in your life? In everything you do, it influences outcome. We question, but it’s taken for granted.

There’s a saying, “There’s a reason for everything.” Well, I don’t know about everything, but I think sometimes there’s a reason why timing is an important issue. Right timing can change a situation and save your life.

When I look back now, I remember a situation in my past where time was relevant and not the waste I thought it was then. Once I was driving to an appointment and took a wrong turn. My stress level climbed every time I looked at my watch knowing I’d be late. Then when I arrived on the right street, I saw there had just been an accident, and I would have been right there had my timing not been interrupted. Who knows what might have happened?

I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to reach my destination.        Jimmy Dean

Sometimes you have control over how you use time, and sometimes you don’t, it just happens. But it doesn’t have to be an enigma. Understand that whether you like it or not, it’s an important element in your life. And when you don’t understand the hows, whys, whats, and wheres of time involved in events and situations, be patient and vigilant for an answer. Sometimes it means you have to wait. So think about how you can spend the time you have while you’re waiting. What can you do to reduce stress and be more kind to your emotional well-being?

Use time instead of allowing it to use you. Awareness is key. It can be manipulated if you consider its involvement in a situation and use it wisely. Think about situations in your life when time was crucial. How did the way it played out influence the outcome, positive or negative. Could you have changed it?

You can’t stop time. It’s ticking away, so you better keep up with it. And don’t try to cram in too much or you’ll pay the price. Use it to your advantage when you can, and that enigma will work for you.

I wish you happy times with ease as you move with it.



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