Have You Seen Murphy Lately?

Some people walk in the rain, others get wet.  Roger Miller

You know Murphy and his law that says if something can go wrong, it will–or something like that. The history of Murphy’s law is debatable, but it still seems pretty true. And when it hits me, I feel overwhelmed, my temper flares up, and I want to bang on a table or something. In fact, I did that recently, and I have bruised hands to prove it. OW. Just shows what a jackass I can be at times. But after all, did all that crap have to hit me at the same time without a breather between the bricks Murphy threw at me? One at a time….please.

On Monday, lightening hit a tree in my yard, and half of it fell and blocked my driveway. I know…glad it didn’t hit my house, etc,etc. On Tuesday I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy. If you’ve had that, you know it’s enough for one day…one week even. On Wednesday, instead of resting like the directions advised, I had to get the tree removed. Well, I was without internet, TV, and phone service, so I pulled out my trusty cell phone, that I’ve never used, to make necessary calls. (So? I’m a very old person. Slow learner) That took a couple of days. Then I kept checking between 2 doctors and running to the pharmacy for a new order for medication. That took 5 days. Glad I’m not an emergency case. Oh, I forgot, my stove died too, so I can’t cook anything. Murphy, leave me alone.

Do you remember when Murphy visited you? When everything seemed to go wrong, like you were in a deep pit and every time you solved one problem, another one popped up? And it felt like you’d never get out? I know we all go through times like that, but when you’re in it, you feel like you’re all alone in your suffering, it will never end, and you want out.

If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to it.  Jonathan Winters

I’m swimming, Jonathan…real hard. But I suppose I should do some of the things I used to advise my patients to do when I was a counselor. Here are some tips that might help when you get into one of Murphy’s binds.

1.  Slow down…breathe…and just Stop. Breathing is merciful. It helps you regroup.

2.  Switch from victim role to creator role. Mantra: “I am in control of my thoughts and feelings, and I can create harmony where there is chaos.” Devise a plan, and re-affirm your mantra often.

3.  You don’t have to solve everything at once. Make a list and prioritize what needs to be done. And address one thing at a time.

4.  Schedule rest periods between each task, and create a list of things to do during those times of rest. Music, nap, read, watch TV, walk outside, social activities, etc.

5.  Go with the flow as you work on your plan until you get through this phase in your life.

6.  Some things may not have answers. Accept those things and continue with your mantra.

7.  And don’t bang on a table with your hands. It’s safer to scream into a pillow.

So now you’ve got a plan and you’re working it. Positive changes will come. Nothing stays static. The universe constantly moves, and so do you. Albert Einstein said, “Life is like a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving”. So move along your journey with coping skills, even when Murphy visits. And watch for the sun to shine on you again.

Whatever the storm, I wish you peace in your heart and a smile on your face.



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