What Gifts Are Important To You?

“Everyone is gifted, but some people never open their package.” Author Unknown . . .


During this holiday season, we think about what we can buy for someone that will make them smile and brighten their life. It’s a beautiful thought and worthy of your time and effort. But have you ever thought of the gift that is within you? The gift that is manifested from your thoughts, intentions, and gestures. Might this be the greatest gift you can give?

There are all kinds of gifts. Some people are fixers, some are good listeners, some are good leaders, some are gifted with empathy and compassion. I had a neighbor who repaired children’s bicycles so they could ride again. Another shared her homemade cookies with children. And I know a woman who is wheelchair bound with MS, and she waves at everyone, even strangers. I’ve seen her change gloomy faces to happy ones with her smiles. Now those are gifts from the heart.
The greatest gift is a portion of thyself. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Gifts are something we feel inside, and they express with love through us. There is no one else like you, and what you have to give is uniquely your own. What is your gift, and how can you use it to bring joy to another? Look inside and ask your inner Voice to show you what you’ve been given and to guide you in using it. Gifts are meant to be shared, and when you share it, it not only brings joy to someone else, you feel that joy too. Life without gifts would feel empty. Find your gift, and let your life express it with the fullness of love. You’re more beautiful than you know, And your light can shine through your gifts.

My gift is writing. I love to write books, short stories, and poems for others to enjoy, and sometimes for insights they may need. There’s a teller at my bank who loves animals, and today I took her a short story I wrote about a dog. When I saw the smile on her face, we both received a blessing.


Today I’d like to share a description of my new book, Me and Granmama in the Hill Country, just out on Amazon in kindle and paper back.

“Seven-year-old Marilee and her younger siblings, Bo and Janie, sit waiting on the front steps of their house wondering if their mama will ever come back. Just as the abandoned Marilee gives up, she sees Granmama running up the road, coming to their rescue. This begins the adventures and misadventures of learning to grow up on a farm in the hill country. Marilee narrates her story many years later with memories of happy times when they laughed over berry pancakes drenched in syrup from Mr. Lewis’ bee farm, or listened to Granpapa’s funny stories, or reminiscing about the secret hidden in her prom dress”.

“She remembers chasing renegade chickens all over her grandparents’ massive property, and how she snickered at what she heard on Granmama’s sewing days. She relives the sad times when the family cried together and clung to each other through each painful challenge. All those times made up a life, a life Marilee holds deep in her heart forever. This is a story spanning the Great Depression years, two wars that changed their little town, and the years beyond. Each chapter is a new adventure for this resilient family. Characters are unique in their own way, but with a connection that bonds them together with a strength that can’t be broken, while their southern dialect reflects a heritage grown deep in generations before them.”  This is Marilee’s story. One to be remembered always . . .

And my new book would make a great holiday gift for the reader in your life!

I wish you many blessings as you share your gift with others.

Marilyn Fowler, Author


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