New Book Release For Author, Marilyn Fowler Titled: Me and Granmama in The Hill Country.

Hello Friends and Visitors,
I wanted to share a Blog Press Release Post that Author, Catherine Lyon has done for me on her Book Promoting blog announcing my brand new book titled; Me and Granmama In The Hill Country…
Happy Reading!

"Cat Lyon's Reading & Writing Den"

Hello and Welcome Everyone. Just in time for ‘Holiday Readers’!

Marilyn has had this sweet little ‘YouTube video’ floating around for sometime now, and it has finally come to us in book form!

Now of course Marilyn and I have become very close friends since I have started helping her promote her first book titled; Silent Echoes, which is a fabulous read. But it’s been way too long for her second book release, and the buzz I’m hearing about this book is that it’s a “Delightful” read. Her is more about her new book just released and available on Amazon/Books in both Paperback & E-book too!


Seven-year-oldMarilee and her younger siblings, Bo and Janie, sit waiting on the front steps of their house wondering if their mama will ever come back. Just as the abandonedMarilee gives up, she sees Granmama running up the road, coming to their rescue. This begins the…

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