How Okay Is It To Give And Not Receive?

“Human life runs its course in the metamorphosis between receiving and giving”.
~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe~

The Universal law of giving and receiving requires balance just as everything in life needs balance. When we go against the very nature of this law we suffer. There are many takers and givers in the world. We know both. Takers lack close connection with others, while the givers, who believe it’s wrong to receive, can suffer soul burnout with a sense of guilt and shame. But how much healthier are those who know how to both give and receive.

It’s been said that as you give, so will you receive. But it doesn’t always happen that way. Some people give a lot and receive very little. And they wonder why. Those with a fear of receiving have acquired inner blockages to receiving when they were children, and we humans do whatever it takes to avoid pain, including the pain of guilt we may feel when it comes to receiving. So we put up a wall to silence our pain. And this prevents receiving the good that would come to us.


When I was a child I was taught that giving is the right thing to do, but asking for something from another person is bothering them, and receiving something is selfish. I spent much of my life with guilt in the pit of my stomach if I accepted a gift of any kind. And, oh what guilt took over if I bothered anyone. Even now, the guilt and shame sometimes still creep in, but through practice and learning, I’m way ahead of where I used to be. Now I will accept a gift, and I love the look of joy on the giver’s face.

“We are Divine enough to ask, and we are important enough to receive”. ~ Wayne Dyer ~

Here are some ways to overcome inner blockages to receiving:

1.  Begin by talking to your inner child, and teach him/her the truth about the law of giving and receiving. Everyone is worthy of receiving, including you.

2.  Practice giving to yourself, even in small ways, and rejoice in your gifts to yourself. Learn to feel good about giving.

3.  Watch your thoughts and feelings when you’re offered something but feel you “should” not accept. Talk to your feelings and confront that resistance. Affirm your right to receive. You are worthy.

4.  Begin accepting small things from others before you get to the big things.

5.  Think about things you would like to have in your life, and when appropriate, ask for what you want from others, even if it feels uncomfortable.

6.  Learn to tolerate discomfort until it stops being a problem. And given time and practice, it will.


You don’t have to live in fear of guilt and shame every time someone offers you a material gift or a kind gesture of help. Your fear comes from beliefs held in your mind from long ago. And those beliefs are simply not true. The truth is you have a right to fully participate in the Universal law of giving and receiving. Allow it to work both ways in your life, and you will be free and more joyful in your giving and “receiving”.

I wish you peace and happiness each time you receive your gifts.

Blessed Holidays Everyone, ~ Marilyn ~


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