Do You Believe In Angels?

The most incredible thing about angel miracles is that they Happen.
~G. K. Chesterton

Today’s article is a bit different from what I’m used to writing, but it’s what’s on my mind and feelings now. Angels. Many people scoff at the notion of angels being present in our lives, but surprisingly, according to various polls and investigations, most Americans do believe in them, and can relate some fascinating experiences with them. Since ancient times, angels have existed in many religions. But today we’re becoming more open and receptive to all kinds of phenomena, and we find angels portrayed in many areas of our modern life, like movies, songs, TV shows, greeting cards, etc.

I’d like to share with you how I came to believe. For much of my life I never thought seriously about angels until one day during a routine visit to my dentist. I sat with eyes closed as he prodded through my mouth checking each tooth. And suddenly my mind envisioned groups of angels filling one end of the room, glowing with shimmering white light. Out of nowhere, I was astounded. When the dentist paused for another tool to put into my mouth, I opened my eyes, and there they were, those beautiful angels covering one wall of the room. I sat back, breathless, almost unbelieving. Then I felt a hand on my right arm. But the dentist had both of his hands busy with my mouth. Who? What? When he paused again, I looked. And there was one tall, regal angel with her hand on my arm standing in the same space in which the dentist was seated. I asked her name, and she said Agnes. I felt so close to her. And I’ve believed ever since.

Later I remembered my mother telling the story about Agnes, my beloved caretaker when I was small. Agnes had fallen and was in a coma. My mother put me, a baby, on Agnes’ chest, and I crawled up and nuzzled her neck. Then Agnes put her hand over me and said, “My baby.” It was told that I saved Agnes’ life. A coincidence? I don’t think so.

It’s not your imagination, sometimes a ‘coincidence’ comes with a lot of angelic effort.
~Author Unknown

Another time I was in a hospital waiting to go through a series of tests. There was a mix up about my appointment, and I was there alone for 4 hours. As time passed, I became more uneasy, even scared. As soon as I asked my angels for peace and comfort, a nurse brought me a warm blanket. Then 2 other patients came over and talked with me. Then a friend I hadn’t seen in ages saw me and came over to me. Then another patient came across the room, sat next to me and said, “I hope you don’t mind, but God told me to give you a message.” She told me what God said, a message of peace and comfort. And my heart-felt overwhelmed with gratitude. Did my angels arrange that scenario? I believe they did–like all the many other times they’ve helped me.

It took a while for me to get used to knowing my angels, but now I talk to them everyday, and I feel they’re an important part of my life. Every time I ask for help, I end my request with, “Thank you. I love you.” And I know they smile.

When you feel lost, pause and look closely around you. Somewhere, somehow, an angel will be waiting to guide you home. Author Unknown

We can’t prove angels exist, but the experiences are too remarkable to not be true. If you don’t believe, open your mind to the possibility, and see what happens. If you do believe, talk to your angels even when you don’t need help, and see what happens. What if we all believed in angels and asked for peace on earth. What do you think would happen?

I wish you many angel moments.

Marilyn Fowler, Author

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