“Marilyn’s On Vacation In Florida Swimming With The Gators! . . . LOL.

Hello Everyone!

I was asked my DEAR FRIEND Marilyn asked if I would do her blog post this week as she gets a Health Makeover.
Of course I said YES? Many you visitors may know me already, I am Author, Catherine Lyon of Lyon Book Promotions. https://anauthorandwriterinprogress.wordpress.com . . .

I have been a friend of Marilyn’s for a long time now, and help her promote both her fabulous books! I we as blessed the day we met! So as the wonderful sense of HUMOR she has, I knew I had to have a little fun with her post! All is good, she had surgery on both eyes, so she can not post this week. But she will be back next week with more Self-Help Wisdom for you all. “-)   ~Catherine Lyon~

Sometimes we all just need a break… For what ever reason, life can be like swimming with the GATORS!

Like the saying in the movie Forrest Gump, . . . My momma always said, “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” Now that can also include our health. Our body parts that seem SO appealing to the Gator when you swim with them, those parts were not meant to Last Forever! Then one day your SAVED by non other than?

TARZAN!! Coming to save our Fabulous Marilyn!

Now of course we couldn’t leave Marilyn all alone swimming with the GATORS by herself! So Tarzan has come to SAVE THE DAY! And One of Marilyn’s favorite movies…

But? The real truth is . . . . Marilyn won’t have a blog post this week as she has had many doctor appointments, tests, and even had CATARACTS removed from both eyes. So the Doc said no Computer or TV! How boring is that?
But be assured she will be back next week with something good to share with all of us! XOXO

Marilyn Fowler, Author/Writer 


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