Gators Are At It Again! Poor Marilyn.

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I am Author, Catherine Lyon of ‘Lyon Book Promotions’ . . .
Now you know something is a rye if I am writing a blog post today for my dear friend Marilyn right?



Well it seems she was lucky last time to be saved by TARZAN, as the last time her computer broke, it sent her swimming with some Florida alligators! But it seems instead of  the gators eyeing Marilyn for lunch? They had a eye on her computer and actually ATE IT!




And that of course would make any computer crash too! And I hope like I’m sure all of you are just waiting for her and her computer to come back.
I really miss her wonderful wisdom, advice and self-help posts!


( It seems to always take a woman to do a MAN’s Job!)

So I gave a call to ‘Florida’s Best Woman Alligator Hunter’ and she found the gator that got Marilyn’s friggin computer and tried eating it for lunch! So all is well again.

The computer is that “THE GUY” computer shop, you know, the guy! And hopefully have it back by next weeks post . . .  HOORAY!
I’m not that great as a “Fill In” … LOL.


SO Until Next Week Friends! Go grab a copy of both her books to keep you going 🙂

Product Details Product Details
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