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Sometimes I get upset…really upset about how casually we think about love in our culture today. Love has become a word we rarely use and then without much passion or meaning. We mean well, but we’re busy, and we forget. I’m old enough to remember when love was considered the most important emotion we feel…a gift with power to move our most dreaded evils.

Over the years, we’ve experienced dynamic social change, and what we’re fed now has changed our thinking from “love your neighbor as you love yourself” to “screw the other guy before he screws you.” Gone are the days of love songs, family radio and TV shows, and visiting with your neighbors across the back fence…now thought of as pretty stupid. Today it’s hard to find anything in the media except negative “ain’t it awful” news filled with fear and hate, and entertainment vividly illustrating gory spine tingling details. But that’s what brings in high ratings and profits. So it sells.

“I will be the LIGHT that shines in the dark…for my heart knows nothing but UNCONDITIONAL Love.”  ~ Tish 

Love doesn’t stand alone. It involves the heart. According to Psychotherapist Linda Marks, MSM, “Research by the Institute for HeartMath in California has shown that the heart is the most powerful generator of electromagnetic energy in the human body. Having a greater understanding of the role of power of the heart sheds light on how to think about a wide range of human experience.”

Considering love, Marks goes on further, “Love is more than an emotion. It is an electromagnetic phenomenon. When someone is coming to you from a place of love, it feels different than when someone is coming to you from a place of indifference or dislike. The energetic current transmitted from one person to another varies with their state of heart. And when we touch one another with safe, respectful, loving intention both physically and emotionally, we call into play full healing power of the heart.” Love from the heart restores health in all areas of life, and without it, every part of us suffers. How often do you say the words ‘I love you’ without the necessary healing energy behind them?

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”  ~ Maya Angelou

Loving others: Who are the others…family, friends, relationships? What about people you don’t even know? Your love is energy, and it can travel over the world and touch anyone in need of a hug and heartfelt love. And what about animals and nature, all living things that need your love? Clothe your love in a sea of light and watch it move out into the universe to heal suffering wherever it’s needed. And to those people in your life…say the words often, but say them with your heart, and feel your own joy in loving them. It’s a beautiful miracle.

Loving self: Do you feel uncomfortable loving yourself? You don’t deserve it? You feel guilt, shame? Have you forgotten who you truly are? Never mind your mistakes, your shortcomings. You were created beautiful, amazing and definitely lovable. So decide now to give yourself the heartfelt love you deserve. Put your arms around you and say, “Self, I love you with all my heart,” and feel your body, mind and spirit saying thank you.



“See, feel, and experience the power of love plus intention as a powerful change agent in your life.”  ~ Lynne Namka

Within you is the power to change your life through giving and receiving love. Not with empty words, but with love from your heart, felt deeply inside yourself. When you give love, you are as greatly blessed as those receiving your love. And when you open your heart to love yourself, your whole life can change. That’s the way it works. Some believe the words are enough, but they never are. Love must come from the heart to heal suffering and bring the blessings we long for. When you realize your power and use it, miracles happen.

I wish you meaningful love in your life.

Marilyn Fowler, Author of  “Silent Echoes”  &  “Me and Granmama in the Hill Country, Chapter 1”


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